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25-08-14 - It's been nearly 4 months now since the 400 carp were introduced to the Cricket Ground and its fishing as well as i've ever known it. Click here for more details.

06-04-14 - We can now confirm that an order has been placed with Staffordshire Supa Carp for 400 carp, 100 of which will be stocked at 2lb, will be introduced to The Cricket Ground Pool during April 2014. Members have already started to catch a few silvers and the carp will hopefully keep your floats going under.

06-04-14 - Serpe Work Party - Sunday 11th May- Attendee's can reserve a peg on the first day of the season (June 16th) and arrive the evening before to set up. Email dangoddard22@yahoo.co.uk to book in.

07-01-14 - Another 300lb of roach and skimmer bream have been introduced to the Cricket Ground just before the Christmas holiday. Thanks again Blue Slate Fisheries for providing value for money. We hope these fish will go some way to help improve the quality of ifshing on the water.

12-01-13 - New Website - After 8 years, I've changed the design of the site to due new advancments in technology. I hope you find it easy to use yet as informative as the previous site (Also, please bare with me while I iron out any missing images/links). If you prefer the old site, its still available by clicking here

12-01-13 - More fish ordered for the Cricket Ground - Part 1 of the order introduced today. For details and photo's click here

05-12-11- Cricket Ground Pool Re-stocking - CLICK HERE for details

20-08-11- I've not been able to respond to emails for a couple of months due to not having the internet available at home for the last couple of months. Anyone with any questions not having been answered, please re-forward your emails to me.

20-08-11- The Cricket Ground Pool security has now been improved by the addition of a lock to the gate. The lock can be opened with the same key as the Victoria & Havelock Pools. Please ensure that the gate is always locked after you've entered the pools and left the pools.

10-05-11- The Cricket Ground Pool will be Closed from today, 10.05.11 until further notice (approx 1 week) for essential maintenance to the pathway and pegs. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


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